Are you...

Looking for that special person to care for your furry family
member while you’re out working hard to bring home the beggin-
strips?  Going out of town?  Look no further!  Walk-a-Paw Pet
Sitting is the solution to all of your pet care needs.  If you’re like
most, the work day is long and your loved one is at home, needing
a little TLC, exercise and most definitely a potty break!  Studies
show that an exercised pet is a happy, healthy pet.

All pets are welcome!

A few important facts to know about Walk-a-Paw Pet
Serving Irvine, CA
Insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC
Business license through the City of Irvine
Pet First Aid and CPR Certified
Reliable, professional and trustworthy
Experience with all types of animals
Ph: 949-292-8529
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